Approximately 117 Billion Sapiens. Only 1 you.

What is a Sapien Number?

To find the very beginning of our “modern” Homo Sapiens species, you have to go back to around 200,000 BCE. That’s when current estimates say that the counting started, and it hasn’t stopped since. The Sapien Number is our way of expressing when you were born in the sequence of all humans who have ever lived.

8 Billion

Current estimated global population

Source: United Nations

The size of the world population over the last 12,000 years per billion humans.

107886846596 age 4

We’re all one in a (hundred) billion.

It’s hard to fathom the billions of people who have ever lived on Earth. But it’s relatively easy to understand one number. We created My Sapien Number because we wanted to help give people a way to understand where we all exist in relation to the chronology of humanity.

Your unique part in the story of all mankind.

What began as a slow trickle of humans has exploded into an exponential expansion as we’ve built more complex communities and ways of living. You have a unique number, story, and place in that larger narrative.

Through all the periods of population growth and decline, food availability or scarcity, peace or hostility, global warming or cooling, there has never been another unique human like you. What is the story you are living and how does it add to the story of all humankind

To get your unique Sapien Number, just tell us your birth date and time.

Note: If you don’t know your birth time, you can leave it blank or give us your best guess.

Birth Time

How is my Sapien Number calculated?

We use the latest scientific estimates of human population history taken from recent discoveries along with your unique birth details (which we never share) to assign you a unique Sapien Number that estimates the order in which you were born in human history.

The underlying data may change as scientific research progresses, but your unique Sapien Number will always remain the same.

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